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I am a student at Oklahoma State University! This is my first time to have a blog, so i am excited to see how this works!


My little sister, who is four, means so much to me and I love having any opportunity to spend time with her. We always do the typical pumpkin carving together but I wanted to do another craft for Christmas together. I was able to find a great project that my sister and I can do together.

We are going to make little milk carton snowmen.

It is a  simple project that I know will put a smile on her face. The project is pretty simple and does not put a hole in a your wallet.  All you need is an empty, cleaned out milk carton, black, orange, and red paper, glue, yarn, fun foam, scissors and Christmas lights. Be careful with the scissors and glue. Also, make sure that you put the finished snowmen out on the porch for everyone to see. The easiest way to get the Christmas light in the carton is to cut a hole in the back of carton. By doing this, you can save electricity and always unplugging the lights before going to bed.

I can’t wait to see my little sisters imagination when creating her own snowman. It is so fun being able to watch my little sister grow up. Since I live in Stillwater, it is hard to always spend time with her.


Easy Gift Idea


When decorating your home, you could go many different ways. You could go simple, or you could go extreme. Either way you are able to be creative and create a unique space called your own. I know when I go shopping for home decor, I see some amazing items but the price tag is the opposite. I have learned that with a little patience and creativity you can decorate your house on a budget. Since the holidays will be here before we know it, why not make some gifts.

I know that my family loves candles, especially during the holidays. I found a great way to make a plain cheap vase into a modern looking candleholder. Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s are great store to find discounted items such a small and tall glass vases.

The process is easy; you place different size rubber bands around the glass vase. You can do as many rubber bands as you want. Then you get spray paint in the color you desire. (Example shows white) Let the paint dry and remove rubber bands.

I found out a few tricks. First you need to make sure that you do not take the rubber bands off to early, the paint with smear and cause the design to be off. Another trick is to make sure to get spray paint that adheres to glass, otherwise the paint might peel off easily. After the paint has dried and your product is finished, make sure that the inside of the vase is very clean. Also to keep your candle holder looking good as new make sure to always clean the vase after a few uses. If candles are not to be used, tea lights still conduct the same effect.

Enjoy crafting!

Save Money? Yes Please.


Every year I feel like Christmas decorations are going up earlier. It usually starts around Thanksgiving, but that is how it is supposed to be. Halloween, Thanksgiving, And THEN Christmas. This year I noticed decorations going out before Thanksgiving, I even saw some decorations after Halloween. I figured since they were putting out Christmas decoration than I should get to work on finding creative idea to decorate my house for Christmas. Being a college student, I don’t have a ton of money to go and get fancy decoration. Between the Internet at Hobby Lobby, I am bound to find a way to save money.

I found a cute way to take a Styrofoam circle and make it into a Christmas wreath for the door. Find some cheap ribbon at any craft store and wrap it around and hot glue the ridden. While drying, get a wooden letter from the craft store and hodgepodge scrapbook paper onto the woodmen letter. Next get sticks and fluffy Christmas color balls and glue them to the different sticks.
Once that you have all the pieces together, it is time to build. Take the fabric-covered wreath and glue the wooden letter onto the wreath in the appropriate spot. Then place all the sticks around the wreath, colorful balls facing up. Once completed, make sure to allow all the glue to dry before hanging. Once completed, it should look like this!

Oh Halloween


Halloween could be fun or scary. Since I am scared of just about everything scary, I make it fun! One of my favorite parts about Halloween is the creative costumes. I know that girls these days take it as an opportunity to wear less clothing but that should not be the case. Halloween is a time for people to use their imagination and create/buy a fantastic costumes.

People might not be focusing on themselves, but maybe getting creative with their animals. Here are a few pictures of creative animal costumes that I loved.

These dogs deserve an applause for being great troopers and letting us be amused by their amazing costumes. Between all of my friends, many of them have gotten a dog or adopted. My dog means so much to me and i think that since we have a new addition to our family, dogs have been on my mind a lot.

How Cleaver…


You know when you have that one pair of shoes that you just love to wear. They fit to your feet so nicely and are extremely comfortable?

I do for sure and those are my black Toms. Needless to say they are not the most well made shoes I have bought but I love to wear them. The problem with wearing a certain pair of shoes all the time is they get worn down.

My poor Toms have holes in them, but I found a way to save money while keeping it cute! Thanks to I was able to find this brilliant idea and share with you!

Fix your Toms with FABRIC. How brilliant of an idea!
Here are some more picture, but for more information on how to fabric your toms, go to

All she needed was decorative fabric, glue, scissors, and needle and thread if you need to fix any holes before gluing the fabric onto the shoe. I am hoping to do this in the next few weeks, and once I finish my shoes, I will post pictures to show you my new Toms. Thanks to Homemade Homemaker for sharing this idea with everyone.

Hair Obsession


Growing your hair out is a challenge, and has been taking on this challenge for some time now. My senior year of high school, I decided to cut off all my hair. I just wanted a change, something different. Well I didn’t think about prom around the corner when I had this “brilliant idea” of short hair.

I am now a junior in college and my hair is finally looking longer. With that being said, it is time to play! I went through different website on how to style your hear.

Here are a few hairstyles I have fallen in love with.

Different Braids

The Curl

One of my favorite celebrity look is Lauren Conrad. From her hair to make-up to the different combinations she makes. She knows how to change it up in an elegant way. Her website is great for how-to’s with hair and make-up.

Here is a video she has made on how to do a fishtail braid.

Also go to her website. if you love to change-up your look here and there, you will love to see all the ideas that Lauren Conrad has to share.

It’s October


Get excited everyone; Halloween is now around the corner. One of my favorite things to do in October is to decorate pumpkins.

I bet a lot of people remember spending time with your family carving pumpkins, I know I do. We would all go and pick out the best pumpkins and spend a plethora of time trying to figure out what we are going to carve that year. Since I am not in college, I don’t just want to stop the tradition, but I do want to change it up a little.

This year I want to do something new instead of the typical, get a stencil, and cut holes in the pumpkin. I want to use arts and crafts to decorate pumpkins. I took advantage of my research skills and found some great idea on ways to decorate pumpkins.

With paint…

With Fabric…

With Masks…

Even Toilet Paper…

I find these different ideas a great way to change-up the way you can decorate a pumpkin! This could even be a way to stand out from all the other pumpkins being made around you.

I believe I am going to try to play with paint on my pumpkins this year!

Upload a picture of your decorated pumpkins to my comments, and we can share our ideas!