My little sister, who is four, means so much to me and I love having any opportunity to spend time with her. We always do the typical pumpkin carving together but I wanted to do another craft for Christmas together. I was able to find a great project that my sister and I can do together.

We are going to make little milk carton snowmen.

It is a  simple project that I know will put a smile on her face. The project is pretty simple and does not put a hole in a your wallet.  All you need is an empty, cleaned out milk carton, black, orange, and red paper, glue, yarn, fun foam, scissors and Christmas lights. Be careful with the scissors and glue. Also, make sure that you put the finished snowmen out on the porch for everyone to see. The easiest way to get the Christmas light in the carton is to cut a hole in the back of carton. By doing this, you can save electricity and always unplugging the lights before going to bed.

I can’t wait to see my little sisters imagination when creating her own snowman. It is so fun being able to watch my little sister grow up. Since I live in Stillwater, it is hard to always spend time with her.


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