Easy Gift Idea


When decorating your home, you could go many different ways. You could go simple, or you could go extreme. Either way you are able to be creative and create a unique space called your own. I know when I go shopping for home decor, I see some amazing items but the price tag is the opposite. I have learned that with a little patience and creativity you can decorate your house on a budget. Since the holidays will be here before we know it, why not make some gifts.

I know that my family loves candles, especially during the holidays. I found a great way to make a plain cheap vase into a modern looking candleholder. Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann’s are great store to find discounted items such a small and tall glass vases.

The process is easy; you place different size rubber bands around the glass vase. You can do as many rubber bands as you want. Then you get spray paint in the color you desire. (Example shows white) Let the paint dry and remove rubber bands.

I found out a few tricks. First you need to make sure that you do not take the rubber bands off to early, the paint with smear and cause the design to be off. Another trick is to make sure to get spray paint that adheres to glass, otherwise the paint might peel off easily. After the paint has dried and your product is finished, make sure that the inside of the vase is very clean. Also to keep your candle holder looking good as new make sure to always clean the vase after a few uses. If candles are not to be used, tea lights still conduct the same effect.

Enjoy crafting!


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