Save Money? Yes Please.


Every year I feel like Christmas decorations are going up earlier. It usually starts around Thanksgiving, but that is how it is supposed to be. Halloween, Thanksgiving, And THEN Christmas. This year I noticed decorations going out before Thanksgiving, I even saw some decorations after Halloween. I figured since they were putting out Christmas decoration than I should get to work on finding creative idea to decorate my house for Christmas. Being a college student, I don’t have a ton of money to go and get fancy decoration. Between the Internet at Hobby Lobby, I am bound to find a way to save money.

I found a cute way to take a Styrofoam circle and make it into a Christmas wreath for the door. Find some cheap ribbon at any craft store and wrap it around and hot glue the ridden. While drying, get a wooden letter from the craft store and hodgepodge scrapbook paper onto the woodmen letter. Next get sticks and fluffy Christmas color balls and glue them to the different sticks.
Once that you have all the pieces together, it is time to build. Take the fabric-covered wreath and glue the wooden letter onto the wreath in the appropriate spot. Then place all the sticks around the wreath, colorful balls facing up. Once completed, make sure to allow all the glue to dry before hanging. Once completed, it should look like this!


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