How Cleaver…


You know when you have that one pair of shoes that you just love to wear. They fit to your feet so nicely and are extremely comfortable?

I do for sure and those are my black Toms. Needless to say they are not the most well made shoes I have bought but I love to wear them. The problem with wearing a certain pair of shoes all the time is they get worn down.

My poor Toms have holes in them, but I found a way to save money while keeping it cute! Thanks to I was able to find this brilliant idea and share with you!

Fix your Toms with FABRIC. How brilliant of an idea!
Here are some more picture, but for more information on how to fabric your toms, go to

All she needed was decorative fabric, glue, scissors, and needle and thread if you need to fix any holes before gluing the fabric onto the shoe. I am hoping to do this in the next few weeks, and once I finish my shoes, I will post pictures to show you my new Toms. Thanks to Homemade Homemaker for sharing this idea with everyone.


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