It’s October


Get excited everyone; Halloween is now around the corner. One of my favorite things to do in October is to decorate pumpkins.

I bet a lot of people remember spending time with your family carving pumpkins, I know I do. We would all go and pick out the best pumpkins and spend a plethora of time trying to figure out what we are going to carve that year. Since I am not in college, I don’t just want to stop the tradition, but I do want to change it up a little.

This year I want to do something new instead of the typical, get a stencil, and cut holes in the pumpkin. I want to use arts and crafts to decorate pumpkins. I took advantage of my research skills and found some great idea on ways to decorate pumpkins.

With paint…

With Fabric…

With Masks…

Even Toilet Paper…

I find these different ideas a great way to change-up the way you can decorate a pumpkin! This could even be a way to stand out from all the other pumpkins being made around you.

I believe I am going to try to play with paint on my pumpkins this year!

Upload a picture of your decorated pumpkins to my comments, and we can share our ideas!


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