Goodbye to Electronic Communications :/


Coming into this class, the only programs I knew how to use were Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. I felt throughout the semester I have learned how to use Photoshop, Garage Band, and iMovie. As well as knowing how to code a website and make a mock-site. Of course I have learned how to make a blog and use WordPress. I learned how to organize a Podcast and record one with a group. I have used the skill I have learned in this class already this semester and I plan to use the programs I have learned out in the future.

At the beginning I wrote about learning about blogs and how to use them. I know all about how to organize and write a blog thanks to your lessons on WordPress and writing blogs. I wish I had learned more about Photoshop just because I like playing with pictures, and seeing how much you can do with one simple image. I thought that everything else was a good amount of time for learning. There is always more you want to learn and you want more time to practice, but a semester is only so long. I thought iMovie was one of the easier programs that we did. I was afraid that it was going to be difficult to make a commercial, and add effects. I would not change the project that we did throughout the semester, even if they got a little frustrating sometimes, they made you learn hands on, which is the best way I learn.

I thought that you were a great teacher. I know that we goofed around and gave you a hard time sometimes, but it was all out love. You showed us a whole lot this semester. I hope were your favorite class because yours was one of mine! 🙂


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  1. iMovie was surprisingly easy and sort of wish we could have used Adobe Premiere, a program that is a little bit more complex but you can do so much more with your videos that way. Nice blog!

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