A Portfolio Website


I thought this website had a unique layout. Let’s start with the header of the page. I liked how the navigation tools are down the top right of the page. I do not have a lot of information to give at the point about my, so having a big header is appropriate for my page. The design of the header is nice, with the frayed edges and picture. I know in class we saw a web page of a guy who really liked himself and had big pictures on his entire page. Well, I think that the size of this picture is a good size, not too big or too little. Since I am an Advertising student, I think this is a good set-up.

We discussed in class how we could make the idea and layout of how we would want our website to be then possibly use it in the future, I plan to use this website when I start my job and create projects. I like how this layout focuses on the latest news and projects you have done. Being in Advertising, you are always doing different projects for clients making this a doable site.

The footer is a great way to always be able to go to a different part of the site. The grey scale it has is a good way to kind of put it in the background of the page, leaving the focus where it needs to be. I like how it is focused on two color scales, but I might change the blue to something else, since blue is a popular color, I would want to make it more unique and more me.

All in all, I really like the layout of this page. I believe it focuses on the appropriate information and designs. The navigation on the top and bottom make it easy to get around the site.


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  1. I agree with you on this website! I really like the layout, it is almost like it is a “laid back” website that is easy to use and simple but fun! I think the header goes well with the rest of the site since it has such a large header and the navigational bar is on the right side rather than the bottom of the header! Nice choice!

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