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Making up Blog #9 (Free-write)


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The music and spending time with family is two of my favorite parts. The presents aren’t bad either. 😉 This year is the first year I did not get to decorate the tree with my family. It was sad to think I wasn’t able to continue the tradition with them this year.

Enough of the sad stuff, SANTA’S COMING! My 3-year-old sister is so excited to go visit Santa, and get all the princess toys she is asking for. When Christmas time is near, Santa is great way to remind Chloe that you have to be good. She might start to do something she isn’t supposed to do, and all you have to say is, “Santa is watching, you better be good.” Works every time!

This Christmas is going to be great because Chloe is fun now, and it’s not just the adults giving gifts to each other. I can’t wait to go home and spend the holidays with my family!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!


My Baby Sister!


My family is unique, yet special to me. It is my mom, dad, me and my 3-year-old sister. It is more common to have a step-parent in the family when there is a gap in age between the siblings. That is what makes my family different.

My mom was not to have any more children. So her being pregnant was a shock to everyone, even the doctors. My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and passed away the same week that my mother found out that she was pregnant. She was such an amazing grandmother, so we named my sister after her, Chloe Jo. I was a junior in high school when my sister was born. I guess I did not really know what to expect. I have been around babies before but never thought I would have one as a sister. When I tell people that I have a 3-year-old sister, people are always shocked and ask how we do it. Well that answer is simple, we just do. Now, I am not saying that it was easy because times were tough, but we always make it work.

When I was growing up, I was daddy’s girl. Not just daddy’s girl, but the one girl in my whole family. On both sides of my family, there are only boy cousins. So life wasn’t too shabby being the only girl. Growing up I always wanted a sibling, like a little sister I could dress up and play with. I never expected it to be when I was sixteen years old, and neither did my family. At first I didn’t know what to think when it came to not being the only girl. Would she do all the daddy daughter things that I did with my dad. That idea disappeared pretty quickly when I met her! She as my sister and I didn’t care, she was amazing.

When you have a best friend, you have a bond with them. You might call your best friend your sister, or maybe your other half. Growing up as the only child, I had many “sisters,” but never a real one. When you have a real sister, it is like a different relationship; a better one. I could not imagine out family without Chloe. We would be incomplete without her. Four musketeers is a lot better than three musketeers in my opinion.

I can’t wait until Chloe is old enough to really need me as her friend, to call me up when she is having boy trouble, or just needs to talk. It is going to be so amazing when I am her go-to girl. One of my favorite things Chloe says right now is when she says, “I love you sissy,” and it’s out of the blue. You can’t help but smile and get so happy when a 3-year-old lets you know how much she cares. She is a wonderful part of our family, and I would never change anything about her; she is one of a kind.

A talked about video, for real!


This video is the most talked about video I have heard in a LONG time. I mean, how could you not laugh at the victim’s brother who is being interviewed. Not only was this video talked about, but they took the comments from the brother of the victim and made a song out of it. Which to be honest it is pretty funny!

Now the song is going to be sold on iTunes. All this talk and the views from one simple news report is now going to possible make money.

Another example of this video becoming viral is when the gunman near OSU campus shot the student and ran, people were posting quotes from the video on their Facebook about the shooter.

A Beautiful Story


In this video there were many great aspects. I thought the story book idea was a great ways to begin and end the video. Michelle Phen was able to tell a full story using different types of video and pictures. The video has great editing. She was able to add different text to give a clear idea of what was being told, as well as use transitions from one image to the next. This story could have been boring, but the way she told it using her editing skills made it more interesting. Even though the camera did not have very many angles, the single angle worked for the video. It was a strong video that told an important story to help others.