Music in MY Life!


Music! Wow, there is so much that could be said about this topic. From songs, to artists, to lyrics, there is just so much that could be talked about. Over the years I have purchased cassettes, tons of CD’s, even made my own CD’s from songs from iTunes. All have been great sources of music for me, and I enjoyed them all. When I really think of music, I think of the types of music and how I love many different genres. The way to solve my genre filled taste is to turn to Pandora Radio.
I uses Pandora Radio on my phone as well as my computer, it is always available to me. Pandora Radio is a music website that allows you to type into a search box; an artist, a song, or an album to find what you are looking for. It does not just give you that single artist or whole album because to be honest, sometimes that can get old. Pandora Radio gives you so much more! With Pandora Radio you get different types of songs and artists, like the one you have looked up, hoping to listen too. Sometimes you will be surprised at what artists you did not know about. For example, I personally love the John Mayer station and I never knew that I liked Jack Johnson, but by listening to the station I have heard many different artists, like John Mayer, that I now love. I call John Mayer my calm music, or my study music because his music is great background music when you are preparing for a test. Sometimes though I am in a country mood, I can just go to the main menu with all my stations and pick another station, like Country Pop. I grew up on country music and I love listening to the old songs I grew up on. Pandora Radio plays variety, which I love because I get the great new songs, but I also get those classics that will always bring back memories.
There was this one time when a few of my girlfriends were sitting in my car and were talking about all the fun songs we used to sing when we were younger, like Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, N’SYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. I have a cord that can play Pandora Music from my phone into my car and I searched for the Spice girls and I found all sorts of old songs that we blasted in the car. It was so fun to talk about those old songs and sing them as loud as we could. Writing about Pandora Radio just makes me think about all the good times I have had listening to it. From the old songs I have missed to whatever mood I am in, Pandora Radio has rocked for me. I know so many people that use it now, just get on Facebook during exam week and you will find out because many people post their station or I LOVE PANDORA! It is addicting, just try it!


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  1. Pandora is definitely a nice music tool to utilize on the computer. Miranda and Jordan you both should try this thing called slacker radio though, it’s even better then Pandora. I know sounds crazy right but I promise you it is. Anyways I like your blog Jordan, I think every girl your age can say they use to listen the Christina, N’SYNC, and the Backstreet boys back in the day. Heck I even did because that is all the girls in my class seemed to bring to listen too. I thought that was funny and brought back memories. Nice blog Jordan.

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