I used iTunes to find my podcast, and found the NPR Story of the day. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one picking the story of the day so I chose one from a few days ago called “Levi’s Gives Struggling Town Cinderella Treatment.” I thought this was an interesting story because Levi jeans are using the small city of Bradrick, Pennsylvania for their ad campaign. They try to get the depression feel by using this city, by have people rebuilding different areas as well as filming in black and white and using 1930s music. I liked how they talked to different people, and even got a word from the mayor, who might not have the best image in the town. I didn’t like how fast everything was, I felt they could have stretched it out a little more and given more details about the interesting story. The overall podcast was very organized; when they talked about the 1930s music they played that type of music while introducing the director. From then on they play the 1930s music softly while people are talking and when someone new talks they make the music louder. I thought it was a very good and interesting podcast.


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