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Oh How This Is Wrong In So Many Ways!


Now this is a very funny YouTube video, but there are so many things wrong with the different clips. First of all the camera never seems to be steady, there is always some type of movement from the person holding the camera. There are problems with the pictures as well. They are not clear, and not the proper color. Most of them are on the dark side, rather than being bright for the viewer to see it better. The camera is also to far at times making the subject of the video hard to see. In some of the clips the 180 degree rule is not used, making these video difficult to follow at time. The funniness of the video pulls always for the problems with the video itself.

Enjoy a good laugh though!




What is something that can mess up outdoor festivities? I’m going to say rain! This is my second homecoming at Oklahoma State University and an interesting one at that! I had friends and family come in for the eventful weekend and the plans were messed up due to the rain. We decided that the rain was not going to mess up our start to homecoming! This weekend was a great one minus the rain and minus the loss to Nebraska. Homecoming is still homecoming even if you throw in some water. The house decks looked great and didn’t seem affected by the rain which was great! I was happy for my friends and family to join me this homecoming and I can’t wait for next year! Go Pokes!

Music in MY Life!


Music! Wow, there is so much that could be said about this topic. From songs, to artists, to lyrics, there is just so much that could be talked about. Over the years I have purchased cassettes, tons of CD’s, even made my own CD’s from songs from iTunes. All have been great sources of music for me, and I enjoyed them all. When I really think of music, I think of the types of music and how I love many different genres. The way to solve my genre filled taste is to turn to Pandora Radio.
I uses Pandora Radio on my phone as well as my computer, it is always available to me. Pandora Radio is a music website that allows you to type into a search box; an artist, a song, or an album to find what you are looking for. It does not just give you that single artist or whole album because to be honest, sometimes that can get old. Pandora Radio gives you so much more! With Pandora Radio you get different types of songs and artists, like the one you have looked up, hoping to listen too. Sometimes you will be surprised at what artists you did not know about. For example, I personally love the John Mayer station and I never knew that I liked Jack Johnson, but by listening to the station I have heard many different artists, like John Mayer, that I now love. I call John Mayer my calm music, or my study music because his music is great background music when you are preparing for a test. Sometimes though I am in a country mood, I can just go to the main menu with all my stations and pick another station, like Country Pop. I grew up on country music and I love listening to the old songs I grew up on. Pandora Radio plays variety, which I love because I get the great new songs, but I also get those classics that will always bring back memories.
There was this one time when a few of my girlfriends were sitting in my car and were talking about all the fun songs we used to sing when we were younger, like Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, N’SYNC, and the Backstreet Boys. I have a cord that can play Pandora Music from my phone into my car and I searched for the Spice girls and I found all sorts of old songs that we blasted in the car. It was so fun to talk about those old songs and sing them as loud as we could. Writing about Pandora Radio just makes me think about all the good times I have had listening to it. From the old songs I have missed to whatever mood I am in, Pandora Radio has rocked for me. I know so many people that use it now, just get on Facebook during exam week and you will find out because many people post their station or I LOVE PANDORA! It is addicting, just try it!



I used iTunes to find my podcast, and found the NPR Story of the day. I figured I wouldn’t be the only one picking the story of the day so I chose one from a few days ago called “Levi’s Gives Struggling Town Cinderella Treatment.” I thought this was an interesting story because Levi jeans are using the small city of Bradrick, Pennsylvania for their ad campaign. They try to get the depression feel by using this city, by have people rebuilding different areas as well as filming in black and white and using 1930s music. I liked how they talked to different people, and even got a word from the mayor, who might not have the best image in the town. I didn’t like how fast everything was, I felt they could have stretched it out a little more and given more details about the interesting story. The overall podcast was very organized; when they talked about the 1930s music they played that type of music while introducing the director. From then on they play the 1930s music softly while people are talking and when someone new talks they make the music louder. I thought it was a very good and interesting podcast.

Redo Post


I was searching for different pictorial stories and I went to and found so many interesting stories. I have always been interested in Yoga and when looking all different stories I found one called Craziest Yoga Poses. When going through these pictures I was completely amazed by the different poses in these pictures. The pictures were taken of people doing yoga all over the world. Every picture had focused on the person doing the poses. The story gave the idea of yoga I new view. I always thought of yoga as just more of stretching but these pictured explained a lot more about yoga. Check out the link and be amazed like I was.