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Your Hair Rocks


Telling a Story hrough a Picture


This picture was found on another wordpress member‘s page. There were many different pictures in which you could tell the story. This one stood out to me because I feel I have been in this position before.  There is a class field trip and lets call her “Sally,” and Sally is not to thrilled to be dragged along on this field trip. She has lost interest in what is being talked about in the front of the line. Sally has caught interest in something a little more excited than the monotone person in the front.

Before and After


For this picture i wanted to make her dress stand out and add her name. I thought her dress was a very pretty blue so i wanted to make that the main focus.

How I did it: I first outlined the dress so  it could be changed. I went the right side bar and clicked the contrast to turn the photo to black and white while not changing the dress. It took me some time to play with the number to find the black and white look I was going for. I then brighten up the dress a little, I used the sponge tool to do this which I on the left toolbar. I then wanted to add my sisters name to the picture and used the text or the T tool on the left hand side. I used to dropper to grab the blue color from her dress to make it the text. Then this is how it turned out:

Public Relations Major


As of now, I am a public relations student. I have began to find interest in advertising though. In my public relations class, we talk about different issues going on in our world. We talk about Paris Hilton to the oil spill. Each day we get a newsletter sent to us with different stories about what is going on in the PR world. A story recently has come about yesterday about a PR firm in Las Vegas. Kirvin Doak, which is the firm being sued, was actually the latest public relations firm in Las Vegas. Rigthaven Company are the ones who are suing the Kirvin Doak firm over a Celine Dion story. Rumor has it that the firm is claiming information as their own. Kirvin Doak has not seen a lawsuit, so only time will tell what will truly happen.

There are so many issues in public relations and advertising companies with copyright, and who said what. To continue in the career path you have to be on top of your game. You need to know what needs to be said and when the right time to say it is. Reading the different stories gives you a good idea of issues and positive story’s flowing through your desired career.