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My First Blog!



My name is Jordan Sweazea. I am 19 years old, Im from Frisco, Texas and go to the Oklahoma State University. When i talk about myself i usually talk about my family because they mean the world to me. I am such a daddy’s girl and have been since day one. I was the only child for 16 years, but that all changed in 2007 when my mom actually found out she was pregnant. My parents were told it was not possible for them to have another baby, which wasnt a problem because I was 16 and one was enough for them. Now I have an amazing sister named Chloe who is two, and means so much to me! Growing up I was a cheerleader and all girl, and it is so fun to watch my sister grow up and cheer for sports with my dad like I did and be super girly too. I never thought I would do any blogs, but I hope to get something out of this. I’m not exactly sure what that might be at the time but I am sure as more topics are given and more blogs are posted I will learn from it and maybe a little about myself.